Leadership and Vision

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Having a clear, distinct vision and being able to set goals to achieve this vision are two of the most significant attributes a leader can possess. A leader must first determine who their vision might apply to, whether it be a particular group of people or the entire organization as a whole. Often, in lower management, a leader might need to organize a vision and goals for a small group of direct report, as opposed to a larger overall company vision.

One of the most difficult parts of a vision is being able to communicate it to those employees around you or below you, and getting them to take the vision personally and dedicate themselves to achieving it as well. In the text “Leading and Leadership” by Don Clark, the author agrees with the important task managers have in convincing other team members of the importance of the goal, stating “Leadership is influencing others to truly WANT to achieve a goal” Don Clark, author of the aforementioned text, states three main ways he proposes you inspire your employees: Be passionate, get your employees involved in the decision making process, and know what your organization is about. In these three ways, you can present yourself as a leader who genuinely cares about the team as a whole and can effectively execute a plan to achieve the vision and mission stated.

Allowing each employee to become involved in the decision making process means determining goals and objectives for each employee or department. This becomes extremely important in that it allows each member of the team to feel they are pulling the necessary weight to help achieve the vision. Even more beneficial to managers and leaders is the concept that “lower-level managers who desire more challenge generally become more committed and satisfied when they are given the opportunity to tackle significant problems.” (Kreitner, 2008)

The feeling of unity and high morale and allows each team member to realize their worth. When determining goals, a...
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