Big 5 Personality Inventory

Topics: Leadership, Personality psychology, Openness to experience Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Big 5
Personality Inventory
Psychology 307- Motivation and Leadership
March 23, 2013

Big 5 Personality Inventory
After further reading and completing the Big 5 Personality test-exercise, the results were very clear! I am an obviously Scale O and Scale E. This does not come at any surprise to me. I think this Big 5 theory was right on mark from what I have been told throughout the years. I feel strongly about my abilities to become a leader. According to Manning and Curtis (2009), “Scale E: Extroversion. People with high scores are described as outgoing, sociable, and people-oriented” (p.312). I think of myself as an entrepreneur when it comes to leadership because Manning and Curtis (2009), “Scale O: Openness to Experience. People with high scores are described as adventurous, imaginative, and variety-loving” (p.312). Both scales really silhouette my behavior toward work, school, and teamwork. Work, School, and Teamwork

Looking at the position, I currently hold as a Route Sales Representative at my company, Scale E is the first thing that comes to mind. From Manning and Curtis (2009), “Extroversion is the factor most strongly associated with leadership effectiveness (p.311). This position requires some level of outgoingness to billed a repoire and communicate with new and existing customers. Social abilities’ are key factors in building that repoire. It gives the customer a sense of a personal relation and not just business. And to be people-oriented is a vital part of success in this position; not just servicing the customer but you want to be able to consult and manage their products to provide the best possible service. School on the other hand, can greatly use the “Scale O factor”. You can benefits from the creativeness that is required at times to see through certain theoretical and factual coursework. Often, I find myself variety-loving. I tend to drift off into a trance if things get to manufactured and rhythmic....
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