Ldr 531

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Determining Your Perfect Position
LDR 531
June 8, 2012

Team B, Week 4 Reflections
An imaginary B2B company, COVERED HR Solutions, is expanding and restructuring. As a manager, I have the opportunity to determine the position that best suits me, defining my role so that I will most benefit the company and be most successful. Below describes my leadership style model. Identification of strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style is uncovered by applying what I learned about myself through self-assessments. Comparison and contrast of leadership theories in the textbooks used in MBA course LDR 531are shown to better understand relevant theories applicable to my leadership approach (Prescott, 2012). Leadership Style Model

The Prentice Hall Self-Assessment (2007) results show that I am almost twice as task oriented as I am people-concern oriented. My business involves a high level of both interacting with clients and staff tasks. Interpersonal skills are applied in every aspect of my job because attitude can significantly affect company productivity. If one of my territory sales representatives is disgruntled with me or another superior, then incentive to optimally represent the company is jeopardized. Current or perspective clients could become uncomfortable with their local representative due to this misrepresentation. I believe that in order for my company to be highly productive, I need to make sure that my staff is cared for and appropriate incentives are replaced. Strengths and Weaknesses of My Style

Being predominantly task oriented can be powerfully helpful for bottom line increase and turnaround time in client servicing. With a growing organization, a leader whose habits mainly revolve around quantifiable goals can help the expansion process be efficient. It could be difficult for employees under my leadership that are willing to jeopardize meeting a deadline for the sake of quality. To be most effective for my growing company...
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