Ldr 531 Week 1

Topics: Leadership, Decision making, Situational leadership theory Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Participative Leadership Approach
Mike McGuire
LDR-531 Organizational Leadership
November 19th, 2012
Timothy De Long

Participative Leadership Approach
The Trait Approach assumes that some people are natural leaders and examines motives, values, personality, and skills. The Behavior Approach branches into two sections. One method to the Behavior Approach is to look at leader behavior. What does the leader actually do? The other portion of the Behavior approach is to determine what actions are helpful and what actions are less helpful for leaders. The Power-Influence Approach looks at leadership from the perspective of power. This approach asks the questions like, “What type of power does the leader have in regards to the followers?” This approach looks at the amount and type of influence the leader has on the people around him or her. The situational approach looks at the situation leader must deal with. This approach examines the mission of the unit, the type of organization the leader is a part of, and the nature of the work environment. The Integrative Approach involves multiple types of approaches. Participative Approach involves both the behavior and the power-influence approach. Participate leadership involves the group in decision-making and creates a sense of project ownership by the group. Members who feel empowered are more committed to mission accomplishment. For these reasons, the Participative Approach is the desired

Participative Description
The Participative Approach is naturally appealing to Americans because we live in a (generally) democratic society. Americans believe that the people should have a say in what actions our government leaders take in guiding our nation. This ideology translates well down to smaller organizations, like businesses. A big part of the Participative...
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