Topics: Leadership, Management, Strategic management Pages: 14 (4632 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Assignment front sheet|
Learner name| ------------------------------------------------- Assessor name|
MOHAMED RAJIL RAHMAN| Prof Jose Mathew Mattom|
Date issued| Completion date| Submitted on|
14-10-2012| 27-10-2012| 29-10-2012|
Qualification| Unit number and title|
BTEC LEVEL 7 EDSML| UNIT 1 : Developing strategic Management and Leadership Skill | | |
Assignment title| |
In this assessment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria. Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found.|

Criteria reference| To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that The student is able to:| | Task no.| | Evidence|
1| Explanation of the link between strategic management and leadership| | 1.1| | 4| 1| Analysis of the impact of management and leadership styles of strategic decisions| | 1.2| | 5| 1| Evaluation of how leadership styles can be adapted to different situations| | 1.3| | 6| 2| Review of the impact that selected theories of management and leadership have on organisational strategy| | 2.1| | 7| 2| A leadership strategy that supports organisational direction| | 2.2| | 9| 3| A review of current leadership requirements| | 3.1| | 10| 3| A plan for the development of future situations requiring leadership| | 3.2| | 11| 4| A plan for the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement| | 4.1| | 12| 4| A report on the usefulness of methods used to plan the development of leadership skills| | 4.2| | 13|

Learner declaration|
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.Learner signature: Date: |

Serial Number| Topic| Page Number| 1. | Introduction| 4-5|
2.| Understanding the relationship between the strategic management and the leadership.| 6-7| 3.| Analyse the impact of management and leadership styles of strategic decisions| 8-9| 4. | Evaluate how leadership styles can be adopted to different situations.| 10| 5.| Be able to apply management and leadership theory to support organizational direction.| 11-13| 6. | | |

7.| Plan for the development of future situations requiring leadership.| | 8. | Plan the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement.| | 9. | Report on the usefulness of the methods that are used to plan the development of leadership skills.| | 10.| Conclusion| 21|

| Refrence| 22|

Leadership and management skills and the styles have been the most debatable topic in recent times. Many people have devised theories about leadership styles and skills. The styles depended on the situation present at that time. So for a good leader or manager it is important to exhibit different styles for different situation. Strategic management is also an important component of an organization. So after defining a strategy for an organization the leader or manager should take steps to ensure that the overall working of the organization is going according to the strategy. A good leader or manager should be able to cope with the future needs of the organizations and should keep in mind the impact of certain strategies on organizations in the long term. Leadership

Many definitions of leadership exist, but common themes emerge. Bennis (1995) states:- “Leadership must be visionary, developmental and service orientated, ethical, stimulating and facilitative and clear in establishing expectations” Management

Management is the process of planning, organising,...
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