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2.1 Executive Summary
This is a report on leadership and how I would improve my leadership skills. To do this I had to research the types of leadership theories and decide on the most suitable one for me. By combining my personality traits with some of the leadership theories I developed a leadership development plan which I then ran by an industry expert. The industry expert gave me advice on how I could improve my plan to make I more realistic which I then took into consideration and modified my plan to make it more practical.


My leadership development program will consist of a number of issues which can be addressed to improve my leadership skills. The purpose of this report is for me to delve into some of the main characteristics of good leaders and how I can use my research and findings to improve the way I go about my daily duties as a leader in society. By undertaking a few tests that we did in class, it was easier for me to realise and acknowledge the type of leader I am or will be and it enabled me to spend some time and learn about the characteristics of this type of leader which I then analysed. After I did my research I then submitted my leadership development plan to an experienced industry leader who analysed my plan and gave me some quality feedback which I took into account and then modified my plan to better suit me for the future


To build up our leadership profile, we took a few tests in class and these are a few of the results.
5 factor personality test- In this model you have to answer a range of questions about how you would deal with different situations. Based on this it would give you a score and tell you what you what type of job you are best suited for. I personally like many others in the class ended up being a very ‘social person’.

Leadership Style: The class then took a test to determine what our best leadership style was and the just like a few people sitting next to me, I ended up with an autocratic leadership style which meant that I liked to give clear and direct orders. Communication test: The communication test was to see how well I communicated with the people around me, and quite surprisingly I seemed to be a good listener but also gave out clear information.

Leadership Motivation: When we did the motivation test a few surprising results came up. I ended up being a highly motivated person and also had the ability to motivate others when there were direct orders and also rewards available.

Leadership competency model: In the leadership competency model it was rated from one to six with one being low and six being high. In most of the situations from Innovation, Leading others, Task management and Social responsibility, I scored rather high with an average of 4.9 which indicates that I am socially knowledgeable but also


have the creativity and solving problem skills to be a good leader.


The main leadership theory that best fits with my
personality and the way I think is the transactional theory. There are a few other theories such as the transformational leadership theory that can blend into it as well but this is main theory to which I would base my leadership skills on.

3.1.1 Transactional leader
A transactional is someone who performs at their peak when the chain of command is clearly defined (Wolinski 2010). The workers are then motivated by rewards and also by the punishments if they do not meet the requirements. In transactional leadership, rewards and punishments are contingent upon the performance of the followers. The leader views the relationship between managers and subordinates as an exchange so that when you give something, you get something in return. Rules, procedures and standards are essential in transactional leadership (Senge 1990). Followers are not encouraged to be creative or to find new solutions or problems, they have to listen and this...
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