Law Enforcment Today Paper

Topics: Police, Crime, Law enforcement agency Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Law Enforcement Today Paper

Kris Long

CJS 200


Robert A. Sanders

What are some of the issues that are facing police departments, and all law enforcement agencies out there? Well there are a lot of issues, and problems that are facing police departments in today’s society, for starts gun problems are a big one. That all talks about how some chiefs want gun laws to be tightened, and some chiefs think that they should let people be free with guns, so that they can protect themselves. The Problem with all the guns is that people now days are buying more and more guns which is also causing the crime rate to go up and causing a lot of problems on all the police departments that are trying to keep the crime rates down. Yes people should be allowed to have guns so that they can protect themselves, but the laws with the guns are not that strict and just cause everyone to roam free with guns all over the cities, and like I said is causing the crime rate to increase, and more and more people are being killed because of lack of laws on the gun permits, and everything. I think that if we tighten down the laws on guns the crime rates will slowly decrease but that is better then them not decreasing at all.

Another Huge problem that Police departments are facing right now is crime, and crime rates, especially in big cities. Lately Crime rates have been going up in cities like Chicago, and New York and more and more deaths are being counted for. The cause of this is more gang related issues and gun related issues, like I said before gun issues are causing the crime rates to go up, when people like gangs can now get there hands on a gun with a gun permit, they just roam free around the city and start committing crimes like murder, just because they can and they have the tools to do so. Also more gangs are being started and when there are more gangs there are more crimes being committed, and all that is doing is...
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