Issues in Policing Response

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Issues in Policing Response
Fundamentals of Policing CJS210

What are the issues facing law enforcement today?
* Some of the biggest obstacles that law enforcement face today are budgetary cuts. They have concerns about recruitment and retention. Also with the events of 9/11 most local and state agencies have also had to worry about terrorist attacks from both foreign and homegrown groups. Drugs and criminal organizations also rank high amongst these concerns. *

How do these issues coincide with those of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)? * The DHS and local and state agencies both concentrate on major crimes such as drug trafficking, gangs, and terrorism. Law enforcement’s effort to prevent terrorism coincides with the DHS mission for national security and has created a system called the Homeland Security Information Network, which gives access to state and local law enforcement agencies to collect and share information with other federal, state and local agencies in order to prevent criminal activity. This computer based was created to be used by state and local authorities to have real time access to national databases. * How can the relationship between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and DHS be improved? * I feel that the relationships between all level of law enforcement can be improved by better inter agency communication, professionalism, and giving pride a back seat and quit trying t prove who is more important. Each level of law enforcement is useful in collecting evidence. By doing more interagency interdictions on major crime it would have a positive effect all the way around. *

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