Law Enforcments and Today Socioty

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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Law Enforcement has many issues that they face. Some issues they face on an everyday basic with their job, but what they do outside of the field is a whole other story. These issues that they face at home or in the streets are simply different. The two issues that I decided to talk about that law enforcement face is corruption and job stress. In my opinion these two are the main issues that they face every day. Corruption is spiritual or impurity or deviation forms an ideal. Corruption entails many form including bribery and embezzlement. Police corruption is a specific form of misconduct designed to obtain financial benefits or personal gain. When law enforcements become corrupted it pays a high cost it takes away their integrity and the people who they supposed to protect are no longer sure if they can trust or get the help that they need . They wonder who they can turn to when you can’t trust law enforcements. Corruption protects the crime and the criminals who pay out the corrupted cop such as a drug dealer and prostitution. What causes the law enforcements to want to become corrupt? According to the Rotten Apple Theory corruption is the work of a few dishonest immoral police officers. This theory was not taken to fully potential because it failed to give information to explain the reason of why law enforcement has become so involved in one gang but not the others. Sometimes society help push them to the limit of believing that they can have more money than what they have now and that is what makes a person think because money is the root of all evil. When it comes to rooting out law enforcements corruption there is a special investigation team that can rule out who corrupted and who is not. By having knowing what makes cops corrupted should cut down the ones that are. Because if you always stay two steps ahead of them they should have no reason to feel like being the bad cop is the way to go. Sometime you half to know what your law...
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