Criminal Law Paper

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Criminal Law Paper
In this essay I will be discussing the case of David Bobby, Warden vs. Archie Dixon, I will express my feelings of the case and what caught made me interested in the case I selected. The sources, purposes and jurisdictions of the criminal law related to this case will also me mentioned within this essay, I will define accomplice liability and criminal liability and express how it relates to the case that I will be discussing. The difference between the various elements of crime, including Mens Rea, Actus Reus and Concurrence will be included in this essay with the relations of the within this case. Case Summary Hence, in this case defendant Archie Dixon is the main suspect in a murder case that he and a friend killed a man just so they can sale his car, they beat the victim and tied him up and buried him alive. Suspect Dixon than took the victim birth and social security information and obtain identification in the victim name, after getting this personal information on the victim suspect Dixon than gained ownership of the car and sold the vehicle for $ 2,800. Dixon was not someone that never had any run-ins with the law; he was in fact someone that had many run-ins with the criminal justice system. After all many pieces of strong evidence came out during the investigation that is when suspect Dixon confessed to taking the victim information and stated that the victim gave him permission to sell the car. Suspect Dixon stated that he did not know where the victim was at and came up with a story that he may have left to another state. Suspect Dixon claimed that the police officers disregarded his rights during the interrogation and he feel that he was violated because when he asked for counsel he did not get any and the officers failed to Mirandize him when he was taken in for questioning in the investigation of murder. The Part That Interested Me...
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