Criminal Law

Topics: Robbery, Burglary, Murder Pages: 4 (931 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Criminal Law
January 3, 2010
Facts – Little Louie
1. Unemployed
2. Date Wild Wanda
3. Plans with Billy Bad Boy and Vinnie Bagadonuts to rob a bank. 4. Know a gun collector named Smith
5. Breaks into Smith’s house
6. Breaks into the gun locker and steals couple of handguns, saw-off shotgun, and automatic weapons. 7. Robs the bank
8. In a shootout with the armed guard during this a bank teller and police officer is shot. 9. Run from the police officers.
10. Breaks into Smokey’s house.
Little Louie
1. Conspiracy Title 18, Part 1, Ch, 19, § 371
2. Burglary - break an entering ORC, Title29, Ch 2911, § 2911.12 a) Breaking glass window into Smiths house
3. Second count of burglary – guns ORC, Title29, Ch 2911, § 2911.12 a) Breaking into the gun case
b) Saw off shotgun
c) Several hand guns
d) Automatic weapons
4. Robbery – bank Title18, Part 1, Ch 103, § 2113 5. Murder of police officer Title18, Part 1, Ch 51, § 1114 6. Murder of a bank teller Title 18, Part 1, Ch 51, § 1111 7. Fleeing and eluding police officer ORC, Title 29, Ch 2921, § 2921.331 Offense Charge with & Defense possibly for Little Louie

Little Louie is charged with conspiracy because he had talked planned with Billy Bad Boy and Vince Bagadonuts. Little Louie is charged with two counts of 5th degree felony burglary for in the Smith’s home and take his guns. Little Louie is charge with two counts of 1st degree felony Aggavated Murder one of a police officer and the other is the bank teller. Little Louie is charged with one count of fleeing and eluding of a police officer. Little Louie claims that Vinnie Bagadonuts was the one that shot the officer and bank teller and that also he was the one that broke into the house, and that along with him.

Facts – Billy Bad Boy
1. Unemployed.
2. Plans to rob a bank with Little Louie and Vinnie Bagadonuts....
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