Unit 6,Intro to Legal Research (Ku)

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  • Published : July 9, 2013
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Grade: 41/50 Name: JGibson
The correct file name is: JGibson.Unit6.Secondary
I corrected your cover page – all I had to do was center the five lines on the cover page and delete some spacing between the lines. Citations are not correct, spacing is a problem, basic keyboarding problems with a space before a period at the end of a sentence and a space before a comma within a sentence. Instructor Comments:

PA201 - Unit 6: Secondary Sources
Content: Student located three different secondary sources on given legal issue. Student provided proper citation for each source. Student provided a summary of each secondary source and explained why the source was helpful. This section of the grading rubric counts up to 30 points.

Sentence Mastery: Sentences are consistently grammatical. Major sentence-level errors including fragments, run-ons, and comma splices are avoided. Sentences are graceful, i.e., they can be read aloud without awkwardness, awkward pauses, or running out of breath. Language is rich, precise, and vivid. This section of the grading rubric counts up to 5 points.

Grammar and Mechanics: Spelling is proficient. Spellcheck has been used to avoid egregious errors. Grammar and mechanics are sound, including mastery of subject-verb agreement, proper verb tense and form, and appropriate punctuation, capitalization, apostrophe, and word use. There are not extra words, and there are no missing words. This section of the grading rubric counts up to 5 points. Minus 1 point (punctuation).

Organization and Format: Organization and structure are clear and easy to follow. Writing shows clear purpose and orderly transitions from beginning to end. Sentences consistently establish this organization and flow rather than interrupt it. Format meets APA guidelines and Bluebook rules as appropriate, including use of title pages. There is no playful experimentation with fancy fonts. It is written for the appropriate audience. This section of the...
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