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Topics: Typography, Citation, Times Roman Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Running head: ASSIGNMENT

MKT 500: Assignment #5

Stefanie Spady

Strayer University
Dr. John Karaffa

September 11, 2012


This template is formatted according to APA Style guidelines, with one inch top, bottom, left, and right margins; Times New Roman font in 12 point; double-spaced; aligned flush left; and paragraphs indented 5-7 spaces. The page number appears one inch from the right edge on the first line of each page, excluding the Figures page (Anderson, 2012). Be sure to always follow the assignment directions and requirements, including the following: - APA citations and references,

- Page-length minimums, and
- Assignment requirements.
The Strayer University learning resource center and Purdue’s OWL website have valuable information about APA standards.

Anderson, J. (2012). The impressive APA paper. Richmond, VA: Johnson Publishing. Doe, J., & Doe, K. (2001). Writing a successful paper in America. Publishers Quarterly Journal, 9(1), 100-109.

Entries are organized alphabetically by surnames of first authors and are formatted with a hanging indent. Most reference entries have three components: 1. Authors: Authors are listed in the same order as specified in the source, using surnames and initials. Commas separate all authors. When there are seven or more authors, list the first six and then use “et al.” for remaining authors. If no author is identified, the title of the document begins the reference. 2. Year of Publication: In parenthesis following authors, with a period following the closing parenthesis. If no publication date is identified, use “n.d.” in parenthesis following the authors. 3. Source Reference: Includes title, journal, volume, pages (for journal article) or title, city of publication, publisher (for book).
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