Issues Facing Police Departments in Todays Society

Topics: Police, Crime, Central Intelligence Agency Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Issue’s facing police departments in today’s society, in my opinion are; the increase in crime rates due to the poor economy and lack of jobs available, civil law suits due to “crocket cops”, safety of law enforcement officers, policing multicultural communities which can be very stressful for law enforcement, they are understaffed, and corruption which has destroyed the public faith in law enforcement and is what triggers the civil law suits. I feel if each of these things was addressed individually and one at a time they would be fixed. In 2010 The Thin Blue Line listed the 5 biggest challenges facing police forces today which were; governance; “The tripartite model of Home Office, Police Authority & Chief Constable is at best opaque with a mass confusion over roles and responsibilities”, cost and cuts; “after years of growth the service is under increasing pressure to demonstrate they are more financially efficient. Without necessarily creating advocating mergers or one national force, many of the proposed cuts and savings could be effectively delivered by smarter volume central purchasing arrangements and sharing of resources”, resources; “of 143,000 warranted officers, only 11% are at any one time visibly policing the streets” which in my opinion is a major problem when trying to control crime in high crime areas, crime and detections; “reducing crime and increasing detections” which the only way this can happen is by adding more law enforcement officers to each jurisdiction, and operational priorities; “refocus the priorities of policing back to the Peelian principles, the main emphasis should always be the protection of life and property, the prevention and detection of crime” which the Department of Homeland Securities assist in this area. The Department of Homeland Securities interacts with local, state, and federal enforcement agencies by the developing, gathering, accessing, receiving, and sharing of information. To name a few of the systems...
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