Laptops in School - Persuasive Paper

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Use laptops in school
While some research demonstrates that laptops can be an important learning tool, anecdotal evidence suggests more and more faculty are banning laptops from their classrooms because of perceptions that they distract students and detract from learning. The current research examines the nature of in-class laptop use in a large lecture course and how that use is related to student learning. Students completed weekly surveys of attendance, laptop use, and aspects of the classroom environment.

Using laptops to enhance the classroom environment requires the understanding of what the word enhance means, with respect to education in the classroom and how this pertains to our era. Technology is here to stay.  Laptops are part of everyday life now.  Of course their use should be appropriate and enhance learning, not detract from it.  Teachers will need to be on their toes and monitor what students are actually doing.  Students will have to filter all their searches to a school database so teachers can monitor what they are doing . But this can all be done. Laptops offer great potential benefits to the classroom. As a learning tool, they are versatile and potent. Remember that they are only a tool, and have to be used properly, otherwise they will be abused. Also remember that no one teaching tool is better than a combination of teaching tools. If you have laptops available, by all means use them and use them well. just don't use them exclusively, or you do your students failure. Not all of life is conducted on a computer, and neither should be all learningStudents will have to filter all their searches to a school database so teachers can monitor what they are doingi believe that students should be allowed to have the priviledge to use their home laptops to do work in school because it would create less of a hassle to find a flashdrive or other document transferring unit
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