Laptop vs. Tablet

Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Desktop computer Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Laptops vs. Tablets

Laptops and tablets have similar features, whoever they differ in their mobility, storage capacity and price range. When laptops first became available to the public they were in high demand a lot of consumers wanted one of these new computing devices. Laptops were interesting because of their flexible mobility and similarity to the desktop, with a lot of the same features but you could move around with these devices. Laptops were the new technology until a new device slowly began to gain attention amongst the world; the tablet was even smaller and lighter than a laptop. Tablets are a new breed of personal computers that aim to directly compete against laptops.

Laptops have been the choice in the corporate world for quite some time, and lately they seem to be gaining popularity in the mainstream world also. Each year manufactures add more features that make the laptop more attractive. Size is important when it comes to mobility, although that does not take away from the power or the tasks a laptop can perform compared to a desktop Today’s laptops can do just about anything a desktop can and in some case even more, depending on what your needs are. Laptops are ideal for any kind of student on the go and are very versatile when it comes to where you can use them. Compared to when laptops first came out , they are much cheaper and more affordable to the public. You can get a very good laptop stating at about $400 at Wal-Mart or other stores. Depending on what you require your laptop to do will set the price you will pay, the more features and the different designs can cost more. The operating system is very important when it comes to determined which one will be right for you. Most people are used to running on Windows, but because laptops are typically slower than a desktop many are run by Linux operating system. Their portability and size have made laptops one of the most purchased computer devices among consumers over that past few...
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