The Rise of Tablet Computers

Topics: Multi-touch, Tablet PC, IPad Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: November 16, 2012

In today’s digital world, tablet computers are the leading mobile devices for daily usage. Eagerness for buying a tablet is spreading around the world. In subways, in restaurants more and more people are seen with a tablet in the hand. Some of them play games, some navigate through the Internet. Today, most people prefer to buy a tablet computer instead of a notebook or netbook. The question is why people buy tablets? They are not cheap, relative to their notebook and netbook equivalents. They cannot perform all the functions of a typical computer. Is the key of tablet computers’ success efficiency or marketing strategies and competition? I guess both of these are important factors in the success of tablet computers. The main reason why people buy tablet computers is the efficiency factor of tablets. Tablets are easy to use, they are lightweight and they consume small amount of space. They have touchscreens and they open instantly. People just take it out and do what they need to. Many people think that a tablet computer is the ultimate all-around mobile device. Tablets can do whatever users want. Entertainment, business and Internet features in the same device are attracting people towards tablets. It is safe to say that in near future, tablets are going to overthrow the dominant handheld gaming consoles such as Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita. Tablets feature a lot of easy and addictive games and network support for them. These little games are usually free or they cost so low, such as 1 dollar. The worldwide phenomenon Angry Birds costs a dollar for the end user and the sales figures show that this game sold over 160 million on all platforms. This example shows that many people love low-cost and addictive games on tablets. Other than games, tablet computer users can be entertained by watching movies on their tablets. Today’s tablets usually offer high resolution displays, so watching movies on a tablet computer is a pleasurable...
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