Apple vs Microsoft - Comparative Essay

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Areej Aref Hassiba Macintosh vs. Windows Section: 13
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Have you ever faced any difficulty choosing your laptop? Did some of your friends advice you to purchase Mac based laptops and others told you to buy Windows based laptops? We all go through this confusion when it gets to buying our personal laptop that we will be using for everything in our life including working on projects, studying, chatting with friends, playing games, etc. In 1984, Apple published its first Macintosh laptops and it achieved great success for its product. All people loved the Mac laptop for its simplicity and development. A year later, Microsoft, Apple’s competitor, published Microsoft windows that achieved more success than Apple’s product (Macintosh). Both Microsoft and Apple are large and well known companies that have variety of products but have many differences concerning efficiency, security, compatibility, cost, and people’s interests.

First thing a customer must consider before choosing a laptop that he/she will be using for a long time, is the laptop’s efficiency. When using a Windows based laptop, you find that its efficiency is not that good since you face many errors and problems when using it. They’re also slow when you open more than one program together; the operating system’s memory can’t handle great usage. For example, if you were watching a high quality video, while opening a website and going through pictures, you’ll notice that the video will sometimes jam in some parts and then continue playing. On the other hand, Apple’s laptops, having Mac as its operating system, are more efficient than Windows based laptops. You will never face even half the amount of errors compared to windows. While using Mac, you can open as many programs and windows as you like without having to wait up to 5 minutes till your laptop starts to function again.

We all know that the internet is full of viruses and we try to avoid them as much as...
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