Macbook Evaluation Paper

Topics: Laptop, Personal computer, MacBook Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Evaluation of the Apple Macbook
It seems that the major question going around right now is, “Are you a Mac or a PC?” There are many differences between these two completely different types of computers. Many people claim they would never buy a virus infested PC and would stick by their Macbook until death do them part; while others swear by their PC and are disgusted by any other type of computer. There are many types of Personal Computers but the only company you can buy a Mac from is Apple. While the Mac vs. PC controversy continues to bubble both types of companies continue to strive for the perfect computer to offer their consumers. One reason a Mac is often chosen over a PC is because of the price difference. Many people that set out to buy a brand new laptop want good quality. Good quality is often misinterpreted for a high price. While high price does not mean good quality, more than likely consumers that invest a decent amount of money into their laptops get what they have paid for. A Macbook generally is priced around $995 to $999. It is often called the $1,000 dollar laptop. Apple recently updated the Macbooks by adding more memory, redesigning the outside, and making it have a larger screen while keeping the price the same and at the $999. Getting an update without upping the price has got many consumers attentions and there is a hope that consumers truly are getting what they pay for.

The Apple Macbook is known to have 4GB of memory. Also available is an outer hard drive that is connectable to the Macbook through two SO-DIMM slots that can support up to 8GB of memory. The most memory that is manageable in a laptop PC is 4GB. Memory can be added to any kind of computer or laptop by backing it up on another hard drive. Therefore, since memory can be added to any laptop, there really is no comparison in this category.

The new Macbook just recently had an outer appearance renovation. The screen is now 13.3 inches and it is still the same snowy...
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