Kwality Walls

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The Beauty Advisors play a very important role in the stores. It is the role that is played by the BA at the point of sales when they interact with the customers. They help in offtake achievements in the Modern Trade. They also contribute towards the secondary (distributor to stockist) part of the business. They possess a complete knowledge of the product and that helps to educate the customers. They also have to convince the customers for a particular product. They are given a Focus Pack target which they work upon in a particular MOC. They work intensively on those products which are needed to be focused in that particular MOC. Besides, their grooming attracts the customers towards the products They also take care of the visibility and the implementation part of the products in the stores. It is them who make the product tangible to the customers. They also dictate the usage as well as the benefits rendered from the products. They help in comparing the products to the customers. They help to provide the perfect information of the availability of the products through the usage of the HHT.

The Team Leaders play a vital role in the execution of the stores. They enter in the store to check the availability of the products. They evaluate the Beauty Advisors on several parameters. They help in the execution of the visual merchandising of a particular product. It is their duty to operate the HHT perfectly. They help in motivating the Beauty Advisors for the sale of the products. They always try to make a store a Perfect Counter. They come up with the new information about the products for the BA. They transfer the information from the upper level management to the BAs. They act as an indirect trainer for the BAs. They evaluate the HHT functioning of the BAs. They take the snaps of the visibilities implemented and the snaps of the BAs as an evidence of the execution.

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