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Candidate name
Candidate registration number

Understand the roles, functions and responsibilities of the team leader; and the limits of his/her authority and accountability

Briefly describe four responsibilities of a team leader(4 marks)

been in charge of a shift and leading the team
starting the day in the office. Setting up tills and starting day on back office [pic]
placing orders both wet and dry.
doing cash checks and doing the banking

Give two examples of problems that are usually outside the limits of a team leader’s authority to deal with (2 marks)

carrying out a disciplinary
someone stealing from the company

Know how to seek, accept and respond positively to feedback on personal performance to improve workplace performance

Obtain feedback from others on your own performance as a team leader/potential team leader and use this feedback to identify one strength and one area for improvement (2 marks)

STRENGTH. I know the sec for the kitchen. I know what goes with each meal. [pic]
IMPROVEMENT. I need to thing before I speak. As I can make things worse[pic] by saying the wrong thing.

Describe one thing that can be done to establish and maintain trust within a team (1 mark)

keeping privet things privet

Prepare a simple action plan to address areas needing improvement in own performance as a team leader/potential team leader (3 marks)

I need to listen to what has been said and think before I speak. [pic]
I need to not speak out of turn. And think about what actions may occur with [pic]
what I do say.




Total marks available for unit M2.01 (12)Marks required to pass6 +

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