Criminal Justice Workplace Observation

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  • Published : May 11, 2012
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Criminal Justice Workplace Observation
Cynthia Willison
CJA 444
April 23, 2012
Mike Raneses

Criminal Justice Workplace Observation
Each agency that takes part in criminal justice in any form has a climate, which has set ways with concerns within the criminal justice agencies. For instance, the organizational climate in a military facility is a high structure, organized, and formal in its procedures and processes. The military police are the law enforcement of the military. Similar to a civilian law enforcement officer, the role of the military police officer is to uphold the law, provide security, and maintain law, and order. There are many factors that key into the way that each organization behaves and each of them is very significant. In every workplace there is an organizational culture and behavior that factors into the studies and actions of individuals and groups within an organization. Taking a system approach examining the relationships of individuals and groups as well as organizations are key concepts of organizational behavior are organizational culture, diversity, communication, ethics, and the attempt to explain why these factors have the influenced they do. If the influence is positive or negative the management needs to adjust improvement accordingly in the organizational climate. Leadership plays a very important role in the organizational behavior; if a leader is not committed there may not be a good relationship among the individuals and groups within the organization. Leadership inspires team members in the organization, for example when management, middle management, and lower-level management involve themselves in the development of organizational behavior and building good relationship among the members the team results are beneficial. There should be teamwork in the organizations because without teamwork achieving the desired goals and objectives is impossible. In fact, a good example of teamwork and leadership is the military...
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