Kcde-Tv Case

Topics: Employment, Distributive justice, Implementation Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Problem Statement:
The problem in this case is that KCDE-TV employees have the strong feeling of inequity. There are five related symptoms of this problem.
First, the crew members have a common feeling that they were being “used” by management because they knew that many general office workers were earning more money and working shorter hours than them. Meanwhile, they felt that their jobs were more challenging and more valuable than those general office workers’. So they were supposed to earn more money than those people. Second, the management used the regulation in the Blue Book to chastise some employees but arbitrarily ignored the regulation when some others broke the rules. Third, there is no explanation for the promotion or demotion in the station. People don’t know the reason that someone got directly promotion to a position by-passing several others or someone was demoted to a lower level but kept the salary at the old level. Fourth, sabotage became very common among the operating crew. Finally, the turnover especially in radio and production departments was very high. Solution Statement:

The Solution to the problem in this case is to establish effective communication policy which can deliver to the employees the feeling of equity based on the perception of distributional justice, procedural justice and interactional justice. The effective communication policy can reduce the feeling of inequity by delivering the perception of distributional justice to the employees. Through the communication policy the employees and management can sufficiently explain what the fair wage is in the industry and whether the employees’ wage is fair enough. If the management notices that the wage of employees is unfair after effective communication, the management can change the actual source of the inequity. For example, the manager can increase the pay or reduce the responsibilities of the employees. The effective communication policy can make employees...
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