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Topics: Minimum wage, Wage, Stakeholder Pages: 4 (960 words) Published: August 2, 2012
Part a)

Dear Andy,

I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having at your branch; after careful analysis I have decided to discuss stakeholder analysis to look at the issues and offer recommendations on how they could be remedied.(

It is obvious that there has been a clear breakdown in the relationship between management and staff which has underlying causes such as low pay,( lack of training for junior staff and Night Managers.(

I believe that the pay and training issues illustrate an underlying lack of respect for junior staff which gives them little incentive to follow rules or procedure. Additionally the lack of formal training and status for Night Managers exacerbates this as junior staff seems to have little respect for the Night Manager’s authority.

This plus aggressive tactics used to address the wastage problem at the branch makes stakeholder conflict management (Preston, 2006) a major concern.

Part b)

Preston states that different stakeholders in a business often have conflicting interests, and that the structure and culture of a business will dictate how they are resolved. Managers of a commercial enterprise will look at profit maximisation; whilst employees look for a good wage with reasonable benefits and job training. In this case, the reluctance to invest in training for staff as well as being paid at the national minimum wage has helped to engender a perceived lack of respect for junior staff, who in turn seem to get minimal job satisfaction.

In addition to this, a lack of formal training for Night Managers for the additional responsibilities they are expected to assume; coupled with the small top up on their existing wage as recognition of their status has meant that they do not command the same authority as the Manager or Assistant Manager. As a result, this allowed the ‘after hours’ culture to develop within the restaurant.

In addition to these factors, the withdrawal of formal staff benefits and threat...
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