Communication in Health and Social Care

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Communication in health and Social Care

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Introduction 2
1.1 Apply relevant theories of communication to health and social care contexts3 1.2 Use communication skills in health and social care context4 1.3 Review methods of dealing with inappropriate interpersonal communication between individuals in health and social care settings5 1.4 Analyze the use of strategies to support users of health and social care services with specific communication needs. 6 2.1 Explain how the communication process is influenced by values and cultural factors 6 2.2 Explain how legislation, charters and codes of practice impact on the communication process in health and social care7 2.3 Analyze the effectiveness of organizational systems and policies in promoting good practice in communication8 2.4 Suggest ways of improving the communication process in a health and social care setting9 3.1 Access and use standard ICT software package to support work in health and social care9 3.2 Analyze the benefits of using ICT in health and social care for users of services, care workers and care organizations 10 3.3Analyse how legal considerations in the use of ICT impact on health and social care11

Reference 11

As a manager of Nursing home workplace I have attend this report.

Communication is important in health and social care as people communicate for different reasons and to provide cares to service users. Moreover, it helps to express their opinions and express their feelings, emotions.  According to Anti Essay (2013) in health and social care settings communications with service users might not always verbal due to dementia, and learning disabilities or any mental problems. It might be non-verbal depending on the service user’s ability. It is very important with in health and social care environment all the communications are recorded. It may be call upon for legal reasons. Service users’ information is confidential. Therefore it should not be disclose to third party (Anti Essays 2013). I have used wide range of sources to gather information for this task. Sources I used as follows: * E-journals

* Books
* My own experience as a care worker.

In my care home following theories used to understand service users personalities and needs. On below explain about the relevant theories that use in communication in health and social care settings.  Humanistic Theory 

In health and social care setting it's important to form a supportive and professional communication with service users and their families in order to provide to quality service to service user. It is important to understand basis theories that used in health and social care context for effective communication within the sector.(Stretch, 2005)   According to the Stretch, (2005) humanistic approach is focus on treating people with dignity, respect as unique individuals who have unique needs.  Explaining further ability to put your self for service user's shoes give a broader knowledge how should communication carry out. It is important to respect and valuing them as an individual and being non-judgmental about them as an individual.  Below explain about some of the communication approaches which support humanistic theory.  * Active listening: focusing carefully on what the person is saying so they know they are being listened to.  * Flexibility in approach: responding to what person says instead of following your own agenda.  

According to Clarke (2000) Behaviourist theory helps to understand the behavior of the people. Usually, in this theory, behavior of the person is influence by the brought up and the experience they have been through. Factors...
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