Enhancing Communication Patterns in the Workplace

Topics: Organizational studies, Organization, Culture Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Enhancing Communication Patterns in the Workplace

The challenge of enhancing effective communication in the workplace remains to be a primary concern within organizational dynamics in carrying out its objectives and goals. Given the complexity and increasing diversity of the workforce nowadays, it increasingly becomes vital that managers take into consideration developing sufficient interactive patterns. Seeing this, it is thus vital to understand the nature of organizational culture and communication to enhance directives to address conflict and create patterns for resolving each one.

Analyzing my experience in the workplace, the value of engagement towards harnessing communication patterns remains vital. This particularly can be seen because of the lack of appropriate standards on our part which then resulted to the escalation of a problem and conflict. In particular, it revolved around miscommunication and inability to provide the right amount of interpretation because of limited understanding in the cultural values and principles surrounding various groups in the workplace.

Due to this dynamic, it resulted to the creation of factions that not only hindered the ability to cohesively provide optimal outputs but also challenged the management in exploring possible outcomes to make each one work together. This then had a great impact in the motivation and morale of the employees to actively address their corresponding needs. To provide solutions for this problem, it is essential to understand the value that communication provides towards the completion of tasks and in enhancing interaction. Given this, the next step would be allowing employees to understand that in every workplace, organizational culture exists and can thus create challenges in the way people perceive things that are happening. After this, it is thus crucial to find appropriate venues wherein individuals can work together to achieve a common purpose and harness appropriate standards in...
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