Journal: Mobile Phone and Best Strawberry Pancakes

Topics: Mobile phone, Message, Communication Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Journal #1 Unintentional Messages

Unintentional messages are so common in my life that it’s almost impossible not to give one. One incident I can recall is when my sister made some strawberry pancakes one morning. As she sat the plate on the table I said “Ugh” in disgust. She just smirked at me. Then when I started eating I realized how good they were. Probably the best strawberry pancakes I’ve ever eaten. To be honest they were so good I got up and exited the room. Not because they weren’t appetizing but simply to exaggerate the fact that they were so delicious. When I came back to the table I find my pancakes gone. She said I thought you didn’t like them so I threw them away. I was extremely upset.

There was a time when I was texting my friend James. We were discussing meeting up to catch a movie downtown. The night before I’d decided we’d meet at 1:00. Mind you I had also left my phone charger at work so I had no way of contacting him due to my phone being dead. The next day I arrived at 1:00 as planned. James was sitting there looking salty at me. I asked him what was wrong. James said he’d been waiting since 11:00. After looking at my text from last night I saw I sent “11:00” instead of “1:00”. I enjoyed the movie, though James extremely upset.

A more recent accidental point of communication was last night while I was as work. I am a employee at Zanzibar Soul Fusion, a restaurant which encourages diversity and culture. I was asked to do something by one of the servers, Sandra, who is Jamaican. Her accent makes it difficult to comprehend what she says sometimes. So when I brought her a hand full of sauces she stared at me wildly. She then told me she said saucers or plates. I don’t believe the food being served slower than expected was my fault.

It’s believed that communication is only used correctly when the initiator gets their message across to the retriever. The message may be verbal, physical, or even through a medium such as the web or...
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