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Topics: J. C. Bamford, Caterpillar Inc., Heavy equipment Pages: 26 (7417 words) Published: February 4, 2011
“To compare the industrial {earthmoving} company’s product With special reference to JCB and CAT”

SUBMITTED TO :- SUBMITTED BY:- Mrs. Ranu Sharma Mam Arvind kumar sharma Lecturer, DMS. MBA. II sem. 2009-2011


The objective of this report is to collecting, analyze and provide the fundamental principle and concept and market condition of earthmoving company with comparison of JCB & CAT by survey method to specially identify the customer perception in a very simple and easy way. It contains the introduction of earthmoving industry, introduction of JCB &CAT, fact and finding with analysis and interpretation. In the report, a significant effort has been made to find simple way to develop theoretical aspects of market and customer perception regarding to earthmoving industry. This report covers all the important topics related to earthmoving industry and survey fact and finding gives a better understanding of the earthmoving industry’s market condition . The subject matter is divided into eight parts and several subparts. For batter understanding neat and clear diagrams have been used.

10th June, 2010 Arvind kumar sharma P.S.O.M. Jaipur

We thank the almighty God, the light of my life, for granting me the strength, courage and knowledge to complete this project successfully. We wish to place on record my profound gratitude to our respected advisor DMS. PGC. R. K. AGRAWAL SIR and Dean, DMS. PGC. Mr. AMISH DGUAR SIR sincerely thank for having given us the opportunities to complete this project successfully. We sincerely thank to our guide and my seminar co-coordinators Mrs. RANU SHARMA MAM faculty, department of management studies poornima school of management, Jaipur, for their valuable guidance and support. We thank for timely suggestions and constant encouragement that boosted up my morale and led to the accomplishment of this project. We extend my thanks to all teaching and non-teaching staff who were always ready to help me to reach my task. We am indebted to my parents, friends and relatives for their physical, psychological and moral support extended by them at all time.

10th June, 2010 Arvind kumar sharma P.S.O.M. Jaipur

To compare the earthmoving companies in order to customers perception about the product feature and quality. Analyze how these companies are attracting to customer. The main objective of study to identify the market response means the customer point of view towards of the companies various marketing strategy and product feature, quality and service of the companies. How increase the loyalty of customers and to beat competitors. In the present time the earthmoving product is much more competitive. Any company of earthmoving product are not easy sustain in market with normal strategy regarding to competitors. In such market the new and advanced strategy are adopted by the competitors. The method of the study is quantitative, means collection of primary data and analyzing them. The questionnaire is the source of primary data collection for the study. Limitations of the study are scarcity of the reliable data, vast area of the study and limitation of time period.

It was learning experience for us. We came in close contact with customer and heavy machinery...
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