Principles of Business Management - Interface Company

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility, Recycling Pages: 7 (1990 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Question 1
The lowest level of social responsibility is best describes the Interface Company’s current operations. There are no tradeoff between social responsibility and profit. Just usually it does pay for gain more. Always consider how to get maximal profit. How company to be profitable from the economic activities that always putting on the top issue. And do not care about other organization’s social responsibility. Such as obey laws and regulations by legal, abide by principles of right and wrong at an ethical. In the annual meeting, though not usually at a loss for words, but I was had trouble that answer customers questions about the dangers of the materials and processes used by my company. They doggedly persistent but I was hesitant because I know facts of truth that must do not acceptable as publics. For the Interface Company’s current operations definitely be profitable by economic. As to our carpet product material is petroleum-based material and consumed that bring bad effect which is greenhouse gases emitted. Of course carpet is not recyclable that made by this type of materials. And the old carpet is dumped in a landfill. Here's to see how unethical, using raw materials from the earth that mean to plunder the Earth's limited resources. And company do not for environmental protection contribute towards, but to produce non-recyclable products, even waste of land resources and then to landfill waste. You know the Earth's resources are shared by everyone, also requires common protection. On the other hand, Interface generates of dollars in revenue each year, but, in the manufacturing process, it extracts over 1 billion pounds of raw materials from the earth. That showing usually it does pay for try to gain more. However seem do not reach the aims efficaciously, even easily to be reported potential ethics violations caused by undermine ecological environment in the earth surface layer. During the excavation of raw materials, will destroy the surrounding environment, removing vegetation, water pollution, noise and exhaust gases and so on. Furthermore, production or to explore the same time, if the management of front-line staff lack of supervision, it is easy to occur the matter outside the regulatory approvals, such as pollution and environmental damage assessment is beyond the previously acceptable circumstances; hire illegal workers, employee payroll deductions or benefits employees to work in unsafe conditions and so on. There most overlooked here is the law. Moreover Interface is also a profligate water user, requiring millions of gallons a year for its manufacturing process. That amount of water equivalent to 5.4 Olympic-size swimming pool. These are just wasting resources activities and only adopting follow old-fashion procedures for economic profitable but also those are not smart strategy on operation at all.

Question 2
As explain the Interface Company’s environmental vision to task force. I am going to revolutionize the relationship between the business and environment. So I would like to use the Five P’s of marketing to sustainability in long-term development. That is refers to: People, Product, Place, Profits and Process.

First, the most important people in my business are the people who work with and for me. Hiring the right people is one of the most important things. They are the face of your product to the world as well as the hands behind the scene that make sure everything gets done correctly and on time. As a CEO of Interface I must work hard to develop my employees and to manage them with dignity so they want to work for me.

Second, I will revolutionize my product. An idea is open two product lines that respectively adopt two materials which are wool and PET to supersede the petroleum-based materials. I am seeking some materials are environmentally preferable. Then wool is matching my required because it compares to petroleum-based Nylon or Polypropylene as a material for carpets as...
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