It Project Management vs Construction Project Management

Topics: Project management, Construction, Management Pages: 13 (3054 words) Published: May 10, 2008

This document serves the purpose of critically analysing the differences that exist between managing construction projects and I.T Projects


Over the past few years, project managers and Project management has shown tremendous growth. Project management has evolved over the past several years from an activity in an organization to a discipline in its own right. Many professional bodies exist today to represent project management as a discipline, Some of which include, PMI, Prince2 Foundation, PM Bok.

According to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), - Third Edition, “Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project. Project management is comprised of five Project Management Process Groups – Initiating Processes, Planning Processes, Executing Processes, Monitoring and Controlling Processes, and Closing Processes – as well as nine Knowledge Areas. These nine Knowledge Areas center on management expertise in Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management, Project Human Resources Management, Project Communications Management, Project Risk Management and Project Procurement Management.” According to the Prince 2 Project Management Methodology, project management is “The planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of the project and the motivation of all those involved in to achieve the project objectives on time and to the specified cost, quality and performance” Although these two definitions provide a truly generic approach to any project orientated task. However across a multitude of industries, the discipline of project management or the managing of projects differ. More specifically the differences that exist between Information Technology project management and Construction Project Management.


The goal of this assignment is to critically discuss the similarities and differences between managing construction projects and Information Technology projects. This paper will outline the similarities and differences between managing a construction project and IT project, take into account the different variables and environments that a Project manager will face in order to ensure success of their projects on time, within schedule at the best quality.

Construction managers are salaried managers who oversee construction. They often go by the job titles program manager, constructor, construction superintendent, project engineer, project manager, construction supervisor, general contractor or other similar designations Construction managers plan, direct, and coordinate a wide variety of construction projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial structures, roads, bridges, wastewater treatment plants, and schools and hospitals. Construction managers may oversee an entire project or just part of a project and, although they usually play no direct role in the actual construction of a structure, they typically schedule and coordinate all design and construction processes, including the selection, hiring of contractors. Construction managers coordinate and supervise the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction, making sure that the project gets done on time and within budget. They often work with owners, engineers, architects, and others who are involved in the construction process. Given the designs for buildings, roads, bridges, or other projects, construction managers oversee the planning, scheduling, and implementation of the project to execute those designs. Construction managers evaluate and help determine the most cost-effective plan and schedule for completing the project....
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