It301 Unit 5

Topics: W. Edwards Deming, PDCA, Management Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Jason Combs
Unit 5: Comparison of Quality Philosophies
IT301: Project Management I
Professor Cyntia Glenn Cotton
October 23, 2012

Unit 5: Comparison of Quality Philosophies
Philosophy Matrix
Dimension| Deming| Juran| Crosby| PMI|
Quality Definition| Needs of customers| Fitness for use| Comply to the requirements| Conformance to requirements| Quality System| 14-pt Philosphy-A recipe for total quality| Trilogy-Optimize the process| Plan the quality| Prevention| Performance Standard| PDCA/PDSA Deming Wheel| SuccessFormula| Quality assurance| Zero Defects| Quality Measurement| Kaizen| Excellence to Process Perato Principles| Cost of quality| Cost of non-conformance| Role of Top Management| Consistently improve quality| Speaks in the language of dollars| Leadership| Leadership and participation| Role of the Worker| Self improvement| Speak in the language of things| Participation| High level involvement|

In the world of quality, there are three great contributors that helped revolutionize and evolve the quality movement. These three gentlemen were W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, and Philip Bayard Crosby. All three of them concentrated on quality in the manufacturing and industrial businesses, yet each of their philosophies are dissimilar. Their contributions to the quality movement can also be applied to other business sectors, such as the information technology field. In order to discuss quality, we will need to explore each of their philosophies and how they relate to one another and additionally, how they contrast with one another. While there are indeed three great contributors, this paper will focus primarily on Philip B. Crosby's philosophies, and thus, be biased towards him. Quality Defined

One of the contributors, Joseph Juran, wrote a publication called Quality Control Handbook. Juran's definition of quality is “fitness for purpose” (Juran, 2010). Fit for purpose means every service and/or...
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