Hair Spa Website Project: Breaking Down the Work

Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, Web design Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: May 26, 2013
CPMGT/300 May 13, 2013
Hair Spa Website Project: Breaking Down the Work
How WBS contributes to the success of the project management process.
According to Kerzner, achieving contract objectives “requires a plan that defines all effort to be expended, assigns responsibility to a specially identified organizational element, and establishes schedules and budgets for the accomplishment of the work,” (2009). A work breakdown structure (WBS) is important because it is the foundation upon which a project manager builds such a plan.

A WBS is a deliverable-oriented document formatted with a family-tree-like hierarchy that breaks the project down into smaller, more easily manageable sub-projects. No deliverable in the project is left out of the WBS. Likewise, the project team does not produce any deliverable not itemized in the WBS. The WBS contributes to the project success by serving as a single, comprehensive point of reference for project contributors (PMI, 2008). The WBS gives the entire project team the same perspective, keeps them aware of their individual responsibilities, and aware of their task’s relationship to the main project.

This report contains a sample WBS for Hair Spa’s Website Project. In addition, the report covers the components of this projects breakdown, shows the relationship of earlier process documents, and justifies the WBS approach.

WBS for Hair Spa Website Project
Hair Spa Hair Salon has initiated a project to add a website for marketing purposes. The website objectives are to increase revenues by increasing market visibility, attracting new clients and employees, and providing extra convenience to existing clients. The following is a sample breakdown for the website project. 1.0 Hair Spa Marketing Program

2.0 Hair Spa Website Project/ $2000/ May 15 - July 5, 2013
2.1.0 Preliminary Evaluation/ $100/ May 15-17
2.1.1 Number of Clients/ salon staff
2.1.2 Number of Staff/ owner- salon staff
2.1.3 Number of...
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