Close Out Requirements

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The practice of project close-out finalizes all project activities completed across all phases of the project to formally close the project and transfer the completed or cancelled project as appropriate. According to the PMBOK, the close project or phase is the process of finalizing all activities across all of the management process groups to formally complete the project or phase (2008, p.65). When closing a project, PMs will review all prior information from the previous phase to ensure that all requirements are met. The Project Closeout Phase is the last phase in the project lifecycle. Closeout begins when the user accepts the project deliverables and the project oversight authority concludes that the project has met the goals established. The major focus of project closeout is administrative closure and logistics. Project closeout includes the following key elements:

• Turnover of project deliverables to operations
• Redistributing resources—staff, facilities, equipment, and automated systems • Closing out financial accounts
• Completing, collecting, and archiving project records
• Documenting the successes of the project
• Documenting lessons learned
• Planning for Post Implementation Review

Activities and Documents in the Closeout Phase
The major activities in the Closeout Phase are shown in the diagram below, (Figure 1.1) consist of tasks that are typically administrative and logistical in nature. Initially, the focus is on performing the tasks associated with dispensing and reconciling personnel, property, and funding. When these tasks are finished, the attention of the project manager is focused on documentation of lessons learned and project closure. At some predetermined point, a Post Implementation Review of the project deliverables is conducted. The primary documents prepared during this phase include the Project Transition Checklist, Project Closeout Report, and Post Implementation Report. Figure 1.1

Project Closeout Task

The purpose of project closeout is to assess the project, ensure completion, and derive any lessons learned and best practices to be applied to future projects. However, in multi-phase projects, the close-out practice may be applied at various stages of the project; upon deliverable completion, upon phase completion, upon iteration completion, at designated times during the project’s life, or at whatever other juncture represents a completed segment of project work. Applying the close-out practice in this manner closes out only the portion of the project scope and associated activities applicable to that portion of the project. Close out check list

An experienced project manager should provide a check list of issues which should be covered when closing out any project. Fleming further states that the following documentation should be preserved on any project: -project office (PO) and Project Team Organization

-Instructions and procedures
-Project Definition
-Plans, Budgets and Schedules
-Work Authorization and Control
-Project Evaluation and Control
-Management and Contract Reporting
-Marketing and Contract Administration
-Extension-New Business
-Purchasing and Subcontracting Liaison and Policies
-Engineering Documentation
-Site Operations (2003, p.236)
Turnover to Operations
According to Fleming, the best way for any procurement to end is to have the seller completely satisfy the statement of work, make all deliveries as specified, and comply with all provisions of the contract (2003, p.227 ).The most important aspect of project closeout is the physical turnover of control of the product, good, or service delivered by the project. All project deliverables will need to be maintained and supported after the project team disbands. An operational unit of the organization (for which the deliverable is developed) assumes responsibility for the support of the deliverable. Procedures for this turnover and acceptance by the operational unit...
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