Modell Charter School Revised Project Management Plan

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Modell Charter School Revised Project Management Plan

Executive Summary:

With a hundred year old traditional school on hand many upgrades can be beneficial. The Modell Charter School has noticed that their technology system is due for an upgrade and their processes need to be more automated and modernized. After some research and consultation, the school decided to bring in a vendor to install a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to help restructure the organization with a customer- and service-oriented approach to improve accountability and encourage enterprising employees to streamline their day-to-day processes. The school was also able to ensure a budget of $6,375,000 to make this update possible. To make sure this project is going to be what the school is looking forward for, a feasibility study will be conducted to make sure this system will meet the expectations of the school and not just be a waist of money and time.

Table of Contents

• Project Components:
o Quality Assurance and Control
o Change Management Plan
o Analysis Document
o Risk Monitoring and Control
o Revised Project Plan
• Conclusion
• References
• Appendices
o Original Project Plan
o Original Risk Management Plan

Quality Assurance and Control
Due to recent budget cuts affecting the Modell Charter School, the board has chosen to reduce the funds from the existing Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) project. The decision was made to purchase a less expensive software package then the original one selected for the project. One of the main purposes the original ERP system the school wanted to install was to integrate the human resource, payroll and finance systems together. This integration was going to help streamline the day to day processes and assist in making information more accountable. By integrating the Human resource dept and payroll one of the problems the school is facing at this time will be eliminated. The problem their having right now is terminated employees still being paid by the payroll dept. Since the two departments are not using the same system is it difficult for them to see each other’s information. The original ERP system was going to integrate these two systems and help streamline their information. Doing this implementation would help eliminate the problem of paying terminated employees since payroll would now be able to see this information once HR puts it into the system.

The new cheaper system that the school is proposing to use will not have the ability to integrate the HR and payroll systems. This change in the system will also cause many changes to the original project scope and plan. Since there will be many changes that need to take place due to this new software implementation, a quality assurance and control plan need to be put in place to help eliminate many risks to the project. Reviewing the plan and making sure changes that need to be made are captured and documented will help steer everyone on the team towards the right tasks and scope. The original project plan will have to be amended in the following areas:

o Time – Will be affected in many areas of the project. Some of the changes will be in the following areas:

• Installing the new ERP system: The original ERP system was more complex and had more features in it that were going to migrate three systems into one. The new cheaper system will not be that complex; therefore will not require as much time as indicated in the original plan.

• Training; again, since the newer system will not be as complex as the original system was going to be the training will not have to be so long. Also, the original plan held training sessions for each department to train then on the combined system but now since the...
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