Is Distance Learning as Good as Classroom Learning?

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Is Distance Learning As Good As Classroom Learning?

Classroom learning is better than distance learning because of the face-to-face interaction, disciplined atmosphere and the placement opportunities. In the very first place, classroom learning provides the opportunity of face-to-face interaction with the teachers. This is extremely helpful for gaining a quick grasp of a subject, especially if it is being approached for the first time. Classroom lectures are more educative and enlightening than mere reading of written courseware due to the direct interaction between the students and the teachers. The student not only masters the contents of the prescribed lessons, but also gains a deeper insight into the subject as the teacher elucidates from his own experiences. If there are any doubts in the mind of the student, the teacher can readily offer the necessary clarifications. If he has not been able to fully comprehend any particular aspect of the lesson, he can request that it be explained to him again. Each student can also learn from the clarifications provided by the teacher in response to the doubts or questions. of some other student. Students can also help each other through the exchange of ideas and information, after the class hours. Studying and working together in a group also increases the level of inspiration and quest for achievement. Secondly, one learns in a more disciplined atmosphere. One has to attend the classes regularly and in time. This results are in a more focused and systematic study. This leads to better preparation for the examinations and consequently better results. Also, one can easily access reference books and other valuable reading material from the school/ university Library. But distance learning places some limitations on approaching materials. You cannot access library to get more knowledge. So you have plenty of knowledge resources available with you if you choose classroom learning. Another great advantage that accrues to...
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