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Annotated Bibliography
Kristina Vickers
November 14, 2012
Shana Koh

Annotated Bibliography
Kezar, A. (2009, summer). Increasing Access for Low-Income Students and Making Financial Education a Priority for Higher Education. , 95(3), 38-43. It helps you understand how to budge you money for a better education. A financial group called IDA helps low-income students save and build assets to their save funds.

Menconi, M. (2003). DISTANCE EDUCATION: IN SEARCH OF A DEFINITION. Convergence, 36(2), 103-117.

Distance Education is about you taking your education to another level of learning, without having your professor right in front of you teaching you the material, to get that degree. It’s about having to learn sitting in front of a computer based. It helps you to understand the potential you have to get it, to receive it.

Newfield, C. (2010). The End of the American Funding Model: What Comes Next?. American Literature, 82(3), 611-635. doi:10.1215/00029831-2010-026 How higher education finance in the United States is failing and how the tuition is increasing. They discuss why it has failed and things they can do to prevent it from happening again in the near future. Morrell, E. (2010). Adolescent Literacy Policy. Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 54(2), 146-149. doi:10.1598/JAAL.54.2.7 The author presents his views on investing in literacy education for teachers and students to have equity in the quality for education. He also believes without it students will not be motivated and teachers are going to be uniformed. Fernández, C. (2006). THE DIMENSIONS OF THE RIGHT TO EDUCATION FOR INCLUSION THROUGHOUT LIFE. Convergence, 39(2/3), 109-121.

She begins to ask questions on what she can do to solve problems and challenges that are going on in the schools today. And a way to find a solution against racism that is emerging inside the schools.

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