Outline Three Advantages and Three Disadvantages for Both the Tutor and the Learner for the Following the Teaching Resources

Topics: Education, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1400 words) Published: October 16, 2011

Resources are any materials used by teachers when planning or doing teaching. Teachers should keep a record of resources that will be needed a scheme of work will help them to plan this for future classes. “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Bob Clist

Using a whiteboard has its advantages and disadvantages for both tutors and students. Tutors may find them easy to use they force the tutor to record important points only and once they have been purchased they are cheap to use and maintain. Students can use the information on the whiteboard to take notes this may be easier than taking notes from a lecture as written words last longer than the spoken. Contributions by the student can be recorded on a whiteboard this may make the student feel valued and promotes individual and group participation. There are some disadvantages in using a whiteboard for the tutor, keeping notes simple may be constraining, students may concentrate on writing rather than learning, information on a whiteboard can be wiped off therefore losing all the information. Students may find writing notes in class distracting and a hindrance to learning, students with poor eyesight will find it difficult to read, students with poor literacy and reading skills will struggle to keep up with the class. INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY – ITC

An advantage for a tutor is that information technology enables quick communication between teacher and learner; it enables tutors to encourage self learning by the student as research for the student is quicker and easier. Learners may find distant learning an advantage if they do not have the time or opportunity to attend a course physically, research for students is easier and quicker than using a library and learning can be done at students own pace. Tutors can’t...
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