Interviewers Guide to Competency Based Interviews

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Preparation for the interview

Ensure you have the following
-Competency based interview script for questions & note taking -The interviewee’s application form
-A copy of the job description
-A copy of the job advertisement

The interview
-Welcome the candidate
-Explain your role and any fellow interviewers roles
-Explain how long the interview will take
-Explain the next stages of the process eg when they will hear about the outcome of the interview etc -Explain what a competency based interview is eg
“ A competency based interview focuses on questioning candidates around the key areas which are critical to carry a role out successfully. You will be asked several questions designed to provide us with information we need to make an informed decision about your suitability for the role. All candidates will be asked the same questions. Answers should be structured in the following way - Explain the situation you were in, the task you had, the action you took, and the result “

-Ask the candidate if they have any questions before you start. -Explain that they will have a further opportunity to ask questions after the interview -Explain that you will explain further about the job and organization at the end (this may not be necessary for internal roles) -Explain in the interview that you may cut their replies short when you have enough information -Explain how many competencies you will be covering in the interview -Finally explain you will be making notes in the interview to ensure you capture accurately answers to questions

During the interview

-Maintain good eye contact
-Nod from time to time to indicate you are finding the information useful -Ask follow up questions if you feel the candidate has not fully answered the question

Closing the interview

-Ask them if there is any relevant information that they would like to add to support their...
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