C.D.A. Competency Goal 4 Iv

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Competency Goal IV

To establish positive and productive relationships with families

As an early childhood professional, I support the fact that students, whose parents

and/or families are involved in their education, are more successful not only in school but in life. I

always try to encourage families to be a part of their child’s education.

I make sure to let families know about my open door policy where they can come into the

classroom and stay for a short period of time. I let parents know that they can feel free to come in and

discuss the progress of their child as well as any concerns they may have regarding the care or

development of their child. I listen to what they have to tell me and do my best to answer their

questions and concerns they many have. If I am not able to at that time, I let them know that I will find

an answer and get back to them at a later time.

I send out a monthly newsletter that lets parents know what themes we will be talking about that

month and any events that will be happening in the center. I give out a weekly sheet to ask for

materials for the classroom to help create a snack, art, or to get new materials to use in the classroom.

I also send home a daily sheet to talk about the child’s day and what they are doing in the

classroom. I make sure to write at least one positive achievement so that families can share in

celebrating accomplishments.
By involving the family in the progress of their children, I am able to reassure the families that

their children are progressing accordingly, developing appropriately, and in safe and caring hands. I

maintain an open, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child's family, by inviting the parents

to visit and volunteer as often of possible. I encourage parents to get involved with the center is by

sending reminders home about when there will be a parent meeting, open house, or resource fair. By...
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