Interview Assignment for Career Awareness

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OBJECTIVE: To explore and examine your choice of a college course by learning from an interviewee who graduated with the same course that you are now taking.

NOTE: For those who are having second-thoughts (or are still unsure) about your chosen course, this is an opportunity for you to learn about your course as well as the opportunities that await you if you graduate from the course you are considering to shift to. For those who are planning to shift, this interview should also guide you in your decision-making. Of course you will need to secure the permission of your parents before doing that, and you would need to be able to provide them with concrete reasons based on a sound and systematic career planning. You are also encouraged to consult your guidance counselor about this, and specifically request to avail of their career counseling services. Ask your guidance counselor about the specific interests, abilities, and aptitude tests you can take from ITEO to help you know what you have (interests, skills, aptitude, abilities, needs, and values) and the occupation you can pursue in relation to what you have.

IMPORTANT: You need to do this interview personally, face-to-face and ask questions directly. Do not give your interviewee a piece of paper to answer. This will put you in a position where you can freely ask follow up questions. In instances when the interviewee has a tendency to give limited (short, matter-of-fact) responses, use your probing skills—ask clarifying and follow up questions. Partners will have to be together in doing this.


1. Interview a person who has already worked for two (2) or more years and who took the same course as yours. The longer the years of experience, the better. It would be ideal if the interviewee’s current work is still in line with the course he/she graduated from in college. You may wish to interview some of your teachers in your major courses, but they would encourage you to interview people who are “out there” working with private or governmental organizations. Use the interview questions provided below.

2. The paper will be composed of three parts:

In this part, briefly (one short paragraph) introduce your interviewee through the background information and salient demographic data you have obtained about him/her. Such information should include basic demographic information (name, age, gender, etc.); the degree that person obtained in college (and graduate school, if any), when and from what school; the company/organization where that person is currently connected with, and position.

Please maintain interviewing etiquette. Do not be too pushy with your interview if they are busy and their schedule cannot accommodate you. Inform them early so that they can insert the interview in their hectic schedule. They are doing you a favor by providing you with their precious time so show them proper Lasallian manners. Thank them right away for agreeing to be interviewed and at the end of the interview, thank them again.

PART 2. WRITTEN OUTPUT (In narrative/essay form)
IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you who will work with a partner for this paper, each one of you will have to write a separate written output. Construct a written output based on your interview. Include information gathered from the interview as well as your own personal reactions. This should be answered not in bullet points but in paragraph form. Such output should answer the following guide questions: ❖ What insights have you gathered from your resource person that will help you in planning your career? ❖ What do you think is the most vital aspect that you have to distinguish when choosing your career? ❖ How do you view your current status in terms of your career plans? Are you really decided about the course

The part on the appendices should...
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