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"The Influence of Grapevine Communications as the antecedent for the successful of management of change".

1) Rational
One of the human activity that connects people together and at the same time, building the relationship is called communication (Duncan and Moriarty, 1998). This means that each individual is related to one another due to communication (Sanford, Hunt & Bracey, 1976). In organization perspective, communication is defined as communicative acts that constitute the action and works of organizing, coordinating, informing, arranging and subordinating (Cooren, 1999; Schwartzman, 1989) that plays an important role in determining the failure or accomplishment of any organization as a whole (Orpen, 1997).

There are two common communication approach practiced in an organizational setting namely formal and informal communication (Carriere and Bourque, 2009). Both approaches are vital in order to achieve greater communication satisfaction. Litterst and Eyo (1982) relate communication to productivity, job satisfaction (Holtzhausen, 2002), reduce conflict, strengthen trust and satisfaction (Chio, Hsieh and Yang, 2004) as well as reducing the pessimistic effects of rumors which lead to obtaining satisfaction (Difonzo and Bordia, 2000). In an organization, formal communication provides information that ease the manager’s activities (Litterst &Eyo, 1982) and information about job which is transmitted by organization to its member and among the member of organization (Price, 1997).

In addition, organizational life is also depends on inevitability role of informal communication (Crampton, Hodge, and Mishra, 1998). Through informal communication, employees have freedom to talk about their problems, attitudes, job and other which in turn lead to satisfaction. Gufft, Rhoddes and Rogin (2005) state that informal communication is extremely act as an excellent source of information about employees’ moral and problems that help managers to lead employees effectively. Moreover, grapevine and gossip, which are known as the informal channel, often successfully fill the gaps that formal communication fails to notify (Daniels, Speaker, and Papa, 1997). It is common that employees relying on informal channels when they fail to obtain relevant information through formal channels (Gray and Laidlaw, 2002). Most of the time, they tend to rely on grapevine especially when they feel threatened, insecure, under stress or others (Hodge and Mishra, 1998). The stability and predictability of formal the formal communication that has been lent by the organization structure is the only difference that occurs between formal and informal communication (Rogers & Rogers, 1990).

Furthermore, there are numerous factors that contribute to either success or failure of change initiatives as change management is known as a complex process. At this time, grapevine activity acts as an organization’s sense making device due to high equivocality. Therefore, employees tend to participate more in grapevine activity to gain information, thus reducing the equivocality (Weick, 1995).

2) Objectives
Given the above rational, this research aims to achieve the following objectives: i. To examine the level of influence of gossip towards management changes. ii. To investigate the level of influence of rumours toward management changes. iii. To determine the way Grapevine Communications affect the successfulness of management changes.

3) Proposed methodology

Based on the problem identified, this study will adopt mixed approaches which consist of quantitative and qualitative approach in an attempt to answer all the research questions. Questionnaire is used as a mode of instrument for this study and will be distributed to approximately 300 employees in various organizations. After data collection is done, SPSS will be used to analyze the data. In addition, Descriptive Analyses will be collected to show the gender, age range,...
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