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Topics: Communication, Organization, Organizational studies Pages: 12 (3309 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Interdisciplinary Management Research V

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Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Croatia, turkalj@efos.hr Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Croatia, ifosic@efos.hr

________________________________________________________________ Abstract Organization sets itself specific objectives in order to meet the better business success, and to gain comparative advantage over the competition. For these objectives to be achieved, of crucial importance is organizational communication per se which implies communication among employees, as well as communication between different hierarchic levels in the same organization. Communication as an element of organizational behaviour is seen through the group level as the independent variable. Throughout this paper we shall explain the importance of communication for organization, the communicational process and channels for information flow through the network of small formal groups and the network of informal groups. Hereby we also want to emphasize the greater need for appreciation of communication as the important factor of organizational behaviour due to the growing changes in organizations which face the leadership with new challenges and opportunities for testing the different organizational behaviour concept modes. We will also demonstrate the extent of satisfaction with communication within the observed economic operators in Osijek-Baranja County, and evaluate the impact of communication on the employee level on business performance of the same. JEL classification: D23, M14 Keywords: satisfaction communication, organization, organizational behaviour, communication

________________________________________________________________ 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION FOR ORGANIZATION Organizational behaviour becomes more and more important for the growing role of the man in social processes, as well as in their management. According to S.P. Robbins „the discipline of organizational behaviour (OB) is a systematic study of actions and attitudes that people exhibit within the organisation. “ (Robbins; 1992, 1.) Thereby the elements of organisational behaviour become more and more important since the development of quality organisational behaviour can increase the competitive ability of the company and market value of the same. 33

Interdisciplinary Management Research V

The subject matter of the systematic study of the discipline of organisational behaviour is actions of which the most important ones are three determinants of employee productivity. They are reflected through productivity, absenteeism and workforce fluctuation, and great attention is paid to satisfaction at workplace since it reflects the attitudes of the employees which are also the subject of the systematic study of the discipline of organisational behaviour. Analysis of the elements of organizational behaviour enables a better understanding, predicting and control of organizational behaviour. Communication as an element of organizational behaviour is observed through the level of group behaviour. Communication is one of the central components of every organization; therefore, it is clear why is the better understanding of communication efficacy the key to the overall organizational success. (http://web.efzg.hr/RePEc/pdf/Clanak%2006-01.pdf ) Business communication is usually divided to the one within the organization, and the one outside the organization. “Communication is the process of conveying the message from one person to the other (Weick and Browing, 1986), however it is very important that the recipient of the information understands the content and the meaning of the message.” (Rouse & Rouse; 2005, 40.) Weihrich and Koontz state that the function of communication in the organisation is to connect the employees of that organisation in order to reach mutual goals. Hence, the importance of...
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