Information Systems Proposal

Topics: Information systems, Knowledge management, Decision theory Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Information Systems Proposal
Shannon Holmes
Axia College
April 16, 2012

Table of Contents
1. Proposal
2. Table of Information Systems
3. benefits of information systems
4. drawbacks of information systems


When opening a business it is never easy but what is going to make it harder is working with someone who is not familiar with the different information systems out there and how they will benefit our business and how some will even have certain drawbacks of our business. So what I have done here today is written up a proposal of the different information systems to kind of help him better understand why they will help our business even give him the drawbacks just so he has a better understanding of the information systems. So for running our business the information systems that I picked that would help us the most are : * Expert Systems

* Functional Area IS
* Office Automation Systems
* Management Information Systems
* Transaction Processing System

Different Types Of Information Systems| Benefits| Drawbacks| Expert System| This is our system that will approve credit cards. | The system crashing and causing us not to be able to take credit cards then leaving us without the transaction causing us not to meet our goal.| Functional Area IS| This helps us make sure that our people are getting paid.| Something that may be a drawback is the system may crash causing employees not to be able to clock in, making it hard for us to track payroll and pay them.| Office Automation System| This system will help us make sure that we are staying on task. This will also hold the schedule and any other collaboration tools we may need. | A drawback would be if not everyone utilized the tool then causing everyone not to complete tasks and stay communicated with everyone else. | Management Information System| This will help us keep...
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