Info Systems Proposal

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Information Systems Proposal
7 May 2012
Richard F. Denney

Information Systems Proposal

Old Time Record Store

Prepared for

Old Time Record Store

Prepared by

Old Time Record Store

Proposal Number: 1-12

Table of Contents
Title Page 2

Introduction 4

Types of Organizational Information Systems 5

Benefits of the Information Systems 5

Drawbacks of the Information Systems 6

Proposed Actions 6

Closing 7

References 8


Old Time Store will allow customers to find the music they have listened to and enjoyed for years. The store will have worldwide providers that focus on hard to find musical hits. Information systems will provide a way to transfer the critical information to place orders and in a format that is easy for each customer. This system can be used to develop many diverse areas, plan, and manage the daily operations to nurture the future growth of the company. The store will utilize both computer-based and noncomputer based. For this type of business, it would be essential to include a functional area IS system, a transaction processing system, an office automation system, a management information system, a supply chain information system, and an electronic commerce system for full capacity use. For a smooth operation, this information structure will assist in creating activity reports, track credit card sales, handle payroll processing, and sustain the store's budget. All of this will allow the store to stay ahead of the competition and remain consistent.

A website will be developed for customers. The website will all customers to discover new music from different genres and to ask for advice from the staff to locate those hard to find musical treasures. The store will have stations that allow the customer to record or download music to an iPod or any electronic device for easy transportation. Customer service lines will be set-up to track consumer feedback and to support the business development according to the needs of the consumers. The new system will generate reports that can predict buying behaviors, music trends and sales reports. By using a variety of information systems Old Time Record Store will have the basis for essential services, new products, and a strategic advantage that will result in higher sales and profits. Types of Organizational Information Systems

All information systems have numerous diverse functions. Having such diverse functions is very important to saving valuable time and money. Table 1.
Information Systems| Functions|
Human resource management system| Supports activities within a specific functional area, such as payroll processing.| Transaction processing system| Processes transaction data from business events, such as checkout transactions.| Office automation system| Supports daily work activities, such as a Microsoft Office program. | Customer relationship management system| Supports vital customer information, such as previous purchases, needs, and wants.| Supply chain management system| Manages the flow of goods, services, and information among organizations.|

Benefits of the Information Systems
Old Time Record Store can benefit immensely from these proposed information systems by: 1.Automatically organizing vital information
2.Saving time and money
3.Satisfying customers
4.Keeping track of the fundamental information
5.The information will be accurate

Information systems eliminate the bulk of manual labor, which saves valuable time and money. These systems will provide a better form of communication between employees and customers, which will decrease the need for possibly inaccurate process.

Drawbacks of the Information Systems
Table 2.
System Failures|
Needs manual assistance|
Eliminates jobs|...
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