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5 Types of Information Systems
Benefits & Drawbacks

My business partner and I are thinking about opening a small, nostalgic record store. Our vision in this endeavor is to help preserve and maintain the idea of the old school record store, where customers could physically interact with the music and experience different and new ideas, styles, and trends. XYZ Record Store will be carry all different forms of media and be complete with listening booths, vinyl records and record players, turntables, VHS and cassette tapes and players, and DVDs. In stark contrast, this store will also be the most modern and advanced record shop around, as all things digital will be displayed, used, and sold. This will include MP3 digital downloads, digital database of music, Webcasts of local musicians and festivals, XYZ Webpage, Online ordering for vinyls, and Promotions and Contests on Social Media sites. Many people will go in to record stores without anything specific in mind and will browse through different albums and genres. This is a much more one=on=one contact with the customer than them simply clicking a “Purchase” button on a web page. The store will be painted and decorated to reflect the look and feel of record stores from years gone by. With an entire generation of children and teenagers whom have probably never seen the inside of a record store, our goal is to be able to provide them with a fun and new way to interact with the music they normally would just go on the internet and listen to. Our store will be located in a newly renovated area of town beside a popular coffee shop and new clothing and jewelry boutique. The combination of these businesses will attract various age groups and all types of people. Our store will have Wi-Fi access, docking stations to charge or connect your device, streaming Live Music during small Open-Mic or Local Musician nights. We also will trade In-Store Credit for old VHS and cassette tapes, tape players, and old records, providing that they are in good working condition. Our record store will also place a focus on local musicians and other talents. There will be certain times of the week/month when new artists can come and play in our Listening Room, a room designed exactly for that: Listening. As these will all be free concerts, the musicians will not be paid but are offered the opportunity to sell their music in our store without having to pay us a Distribution Fee. Local Artists have been asked to paint different album covers that reflects our store’s past, present, and future. Some artists have even gone so far as to decorate old vinyl records themselves, using many different mediums, all of these will be used to decorate the store. We could even have a silent auction to sell the pieces as a fundraiser for something that we want to support. Or possible give it as a scholarship between our new musicians.

.My business partner is a connoisseur of all things music. He can tell you the exact year, location, and producer of a Pink Floyd album that you never knew existed, or play any instrument he picks up. While his musical information and knowledge is astounding, his experience with anything technical or computer related is very limited. While The store may look and feel “retro” on the outside but the real foundation of this business will be in Information Systems. The following is an outline and explanation of 5 different Information Systems that would be relative to our business and our ultimate vision for this store. The list below is a simple illustration of that, and I think my business partner will understand easily. All of the Benefits and Drawbacks are considered and discussed. This purpose of this paper is to provide my business partner with a basic understanding and working knowledge of how these systems work so that we can make the best decisions for how to run our store. 5 Types...
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