Acc 542 Computer Information System Brief

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Acc 5

Computer Information System Brief
Elliott Mathieson
January 13, 2013
Willard Berry

Computer Information System Brief
Kudler’s Fine Foods is a small to medium size business that specializes in gourmet foods throughout the San Diego Metropolitan Area. To operate the business efficiently, Kudler uses Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS) to implement the necessary operating for all of the business the Kudler conducts. Like many small to medium size organizations entering in the complicated world of business, they needed to hire a consulting firm to guide them for the appropriate Retail management system for their respective business use. This consulting firm, Smith Consulting, also was contracted annually to effectively maintain the system. This type of dual product and service is called an application service provider (ASP) and are common in many businesses (O & Marakas, 2008). This system has the necessary functions that are needed in any information system. These functions allow the business to coordinate the processing of the business operations and the accounting functions. This system is broken up into 6 different modules. First, the general ledger module contains financials statements and charts of accounts. Second, the accounts payable module deals with the check processing, the purchasing order entries and bank account information. The POS Module captures all of the point-of-sale data as and reports them to various other modules (O & Marakas, 2008). The Bank reconciliation module uses data from the point of sales, accounts payable and general ledger module to generate what cash has come in and what cash has gone out. They have an asset management and accounting module to generate depreciation and other information related to Kudler’s buildings. The security module that Kudler uses is extremely flawed regarding today’s common theft in the work place. Besides from a few passwords, limited access restrictions and dollar...
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