Info Systems Design/Implement

Topics: Prototype, Decision making, Mail Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: April 8, 2013
1. Imagine that you are to design a budget report for a colleague at work using a spreadsheet package. Following the prototyping discussed in the chapter (see also Figure 1–17), describe the steps you would take to design a prototype of this report. Essentially, they should begin by eliciting from their colleague a definition of the problem and the basic requirements for the budget report. These requirements would include the content, how they want to use the data (e.g., what comparison or decisions they will make from the data), and any other expectations they have about the style of the report. They should then develop an initial, working prototype using the spreadsheet package. Next, they should use this spreadsheet prototype to revise and enhance the system iteratively with their colleagues. When ready, the prototype can then be converted to the operational system.

2.Consider a system that produces budget reports for your department at work. Alternatively, consider a registration system that produces enrollment reports for a department at a university. For whichever system you choose, answer the following design questions: Who will use the output? What is the purpose of the output? When is the output needed, and when is the information that will be used within the output available? Where does the output need to be delivered? How many people need to view the output? For departmental budget reports, there are likely to be many users. If democratic, participative decision making is employed, then the department manager is likely to make copies of the report for each of the workers in his department. They will then review the budget report and decide together what, if any, actions should be taken. If more autocratic decision making is employed, then the department manager is likely to review the budget report independently and make any necessary decisions. The department manager might also make a copy of the report to send to his area...
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