It206 Wk4 Scenarios

Topics: Microsoft, Data, Microsoft Excel Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Scenario I
A business professional wants to use Microsoft® Excel® to organize data for the monthly expense report. He has never used Microsoft® Excel® and is inquiring about the functions that would support him with this task. General Approach

Make sure I understand what the user intends to do and what version of Excel the customer is using. Challenges to situation
The challenge in this situation is that the user wants to use a program that is new to him. I will have to explain to the user the basic functions of Excel to see if those functions match what the user wants to do. Strategies to overcome challenges

I would speak to the customer very patiently and find out what information does the customer know about Excel. I would then ask the customer what information needs to be calculated and what is the end result expected. Further diagnosis

1. I would ask the customer if a template is available on the program or able to download the template from the Microsoft website. 2. Have the user gather all receipts or expense log.
3. Have the user to complete all required fields on the spreadsheet pertaining to the company. 4. Total amounts
5. Calculate hard copy expense report and or receipts
6. Check over information entered
Alternate solution
1. If none of the templates match the users need, I would advise the customer of creating a new template 2. Have the customer look for a copy of the previous expense report file and Save the document under a new name to be used later 3. If the user needs further help, I would advise the user to seek additional help within the company Scenario II

A husband is having difficulties with his Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet. He has been trying to track his monthly grocery spending to find the daily average he spends on food. The spreadsheet is organized by day, and for the days in which no groceries were purchased, he enters zero. He is seeking assistance to calculate the correct monthly average....
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