M1: Compare the Benefits of Using Manual and Computerised Accounting System to Record Business Transactions.

Topics: Computer, Accounting software, Comparison of accounting software Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Unit 8: Computer and computerised accounting system
M1: Compare the benefits of using manual and computerised accounting system to record business transactions. In this assignment I will be comparing the benefit of using manual and computerised accounting system to record business transactions. Accounting software available

Microsoft Excel
Features: Excel allows users to auto sum where it helps you to add the contents of a column of adjacent cells. This is easier for businesses because they don’t have to add up the contents by their self’s and it’s less likely for them to make a mistake. List auto fill allows you to automatically extend the cells, where it allows you to make new changes rather than starting again. Auto fill is another feature which allows you to quickly fill in the cells with repetitive data such as numbers and text. Auto fill can also be used to copy and paste data, where you can modify text and numbers. Auto shapes toolbar is used to create a number of geometrical shapes, arrows, flowchart, Pie, Bar, Line charts, graphs, stars and etc…PivotTable allow you to sum data in a short period of time allowing you to perform data analysis and generating reports like periodic financial statements, statistical reports, etc…another feature is that it allows businesses to analyse complex data relations graphically. Businesses that use Microsoft excel: Retailers, accountants, banks, individuals to manage their finical life. Sage Software

Features: Sage is a software that allows businesses to help businesses manage their money and keep track of payments and cash flow. Sage makes sure that businesses keep up to date with their customers and share information throughout the company. The sage software allows companies whom are taking payments, either online or in person easier. Sage is a software that allows business to manage their customer contacts, resources and costs to deliver it makes sure that it provides their customers an excellent service. Sage...
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