Microsoft Access and Excel:

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Microsoft Access and Excel: How They Are Different and How They Are Applied In the Business World.

Both Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel are programs created by Microsoft Corporation as a part of Microsoft Office. Though these two programs are quite similar, they are different in some ways simply because each of them is more efficient at solving certain important tasks. In order for a decision to make the best decision in obtaining maximum efficiency, performance and accuracy when drawing a conclusion as to what software is best for his/her organization, it is necessary for him/her to determine as to which of Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel best works with the data used in his organization or environment. By expressing their functions using hypothetical scenarios, I will analyze each software and explain their differences as well as which one is good for what company and tasks. Microsoft Excel has many advantages to the business world. Since most businesses want efficiency and simplicity, Excel has a comprehensive wizard and help files to help with that mission. It is comparatively easy to learn. It’s very simple and user friendly interface makes it that much more appealing.

Since it works well with using small amounts of data and simple data/databases, naturally, just about every business student knows Excel good enough to solve most problems that may arrive throughout their college career in many diverse classes/organizations; whether the functions needed are that of math, charts, statistics, etc… (this makes it easier to obtain help/advise from colleagues.) Although Excel is quite popular, there are also many disadvantages to the software. For instance, when you need to work with larger files, Excel is not the system to use, nor can it be used to create large databases. Access can though. As mentioned, Microsoft Access is an excellent tool for creating relational databases of any size. Not only that, but it also integrates great with any other...
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